Dinner time!


Three little boys left

Only three little boys left…very sad when they all go 😦 We are keeping Slipper (named as she has white feet).  Katie (white paw) and also Jeffrey (first boy) have homes too. All… Continue reading

Pups are getting bigger and bigger

All ventured outside for the first time…and loved it!

You looking at me?!


All wanting to play

“it’s dinner time!”

Four boys opening their eyes

Eight little eyes 🙂

Being weighed for the first time

Katie asleep

A very tired mummy

and very content

lastly another girl!

The scan said three and we had six…though this one was nearly born on the door mat as Poppy needed a wee…and another head popped out.  Welcome to Slipper…she was named Slipper as… Continue reading